Thursday, April 1, 2021

Log | Leisure Reading

It has been years since I last read manga. Granted, I've managed to read a chapter or two; okay, I'll be honest, all of 205 chapters of Demon Slayer online with unofficial translation right after I've watched the whole first season of the anime on Netflix. But really, as I was merely focusing on my 9-5 work, creating content on Instagram and writing articles for brands on their platforms so I have such a little time for leisure reading.

I've just finished reading the first chapter of the first Japanese volume that I've purchased out of guilt from buying the bootleg TR Media's English version though I'm still thankful that I've only purchased 10 out of 20 volumes from them. At this point, I've already ordered 21 volumes of Viz Media (official English version) of the manga from Kinokuniya Malaysia and more than half of them have arrived so I only need to pre-order the upcoming Volume 22 and the final Volume 23 probably in October.

Anyway, I'm glad I've made some progress reading the Japanese manga and took some notes on several kanji characters like 絶望  (ぜつぼう or zetsubou) which means despair or hopelessness. 

For the first volume of the manga, I only have Giyu Tomioka's 7cm-tall Banpresto Q Posket Petit Volume 2 figurine to accompany me while reading. I truly can't wait for the 14cm-tall Special Colour version to be released by Bandai Spirits next month. Praying hard so I can get my hands on it.

Definitely let me know your favourite leisure reading materials down below in the comment section and stay safe!

3 comments on "Log | Leisure Reading"
  1. lepas ni boleh collect figurine banyak2 pula..

  2. Wah.. tajuk komiknya best.. tapi kalau bersiri letih nak ikut.. hehehe