Friday, April 9, 2021

Log | Kinokuniya KINOKORE Demon Slayer Collection


Thanks to my best friend who told me about this set of goodies, I've gotten a slot from Kinokuniya KLCC Bookstore and these arrived like a week after a pleasant transaction with their customer service. If you didn't know about the bookstore's collection called Kinokuniya Collection or KINOKORE! in Japanese that basically includes several items from certain themes set by them and this time, I've gotten one from the Demon Slayer Collection.

The goodies arrived nice and safely in the above KINOKORE box and delivered in a big, sturdy box so all the items were in good condition as expected from an exclusive bookstore. If you're wondering, Kinokuniya KLCC offers free delivery for purchase above RM600 or RM42.50 per shipment for lower amount of purchase and all of my orders by far were delivered by DHL e-commerce so tracking is quick and easy.

As you can see in the first photo above, the collection includes Viz Media's Demon Slayer Volume 19 and 20, authentic Banpresto Q Posket Demon Slayer Figure for Zenitsu Agatsuma by Bandai Spirits Co. Ltd., set of Demon Slayer postcards, Kinokuniya bookmark and a set of Kinokuniya bookstore stickers.


The cover case for the postcards have the same design as the Ensky's 300-piece puzzle that I also bought recently. Ahh~ I really want the Demon Slayer figures released in those action poses! Just look at Zenitsu acting scared while holding onto Nezuko!

Of course, the most prized item from the collection is indeed the Banpresto Q Posket figure which is the very first anime figure among my collectibles which could go on up to RM200 on Shopee but also the above Giyu Tomioka postcard! I couldn't find the postcard set anywhere online so I'm going to keep them for awhile; not that I'm writing postcards to anyone out there. 

So I guess that's all of it! Have you watch Demon Slayer anime and the latest Mugen Train movie? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below. See you next post!

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  1. you're so obsessed with the quartet! can't wait for the Pop Up Parade figures to arrive!