Friday, April 30, 2021

Favourite Friday | Demon Slayer Puzzle


I wonder when was the last time I just sat and let my mind off for a bit and play a set of puzzle! I got this 300-piece Demon Slayer puzzle off the internet recently and boy, I regretted the fact I didn't get the 1000-piece set instead. I had so much fun figuring out every piece of this puzzle and my screen time went down like 10% which is good as I really need to lay off TikTok as I have that habit of scrolling down my For You feed till in 3 in the morning you'd see.

The pieces came in a bag of plastic but I've gotten rid of it at this point as I can simply just keep them in the box afterwards.

For the most part, I struggle a lot fitting the pieces for Tanjiro as those are quite similar but the hardest part would be the top yellow parts of the background. I spent like an hour just on the top part alone.

I've completed the puzzle for the first time in like 3 hours and of course I dismantle everything to play with them again right after.

The puzzle came with a special glue to set your puzzle in place but I guess it's going to be awhile before I'm going to stick them up in a frame. 

Overall, I really like the colourfulness of the puzzle and it's seriously so much fun! I really wish to get SEGA figures with the exact same poses as the ones in puzzle but these ones from Banpresto will do.

So I guess that's all of it! How are you spending your free time indoor these days? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below. See you next post and happy weekend!

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  1. it's GSC's Pop Up Parade figures; not SEGA and I so can't wait for them to arrive!