Monday, September 21, 2020

Motivational Monday | Struggling as an Adult

Before I start on writing for my beauty blog entries, I've figured I needed to write something for myself here. 

Throughout the past 6 months, I've been struggling so much to NOT spend on my hobbies (I'm not going to discuss here) because I know the money needed to be spent on essentials like food and other stuffs to survive COVID-19 for another 6 months like face masks, house-cleaning products, etc.

But that's just the thing. Knowing isn't the same as putting things in action. I know I needed to save the money but my shopaholic brain just can't stop being spoiled especially when I didn't need to pay my investment fund loan for 6 months. I know, I'm bad. Financially bad.

My typical Asian parents would be judging but who can blame them? I surely won't as I know it's a mistake and me, writing in here, admitting the mistake, sincerely trying to make sense of my actions and justifying my decisions but I know and I'm tired of making excuses so yes. I'm sorry, my bank account. 

I guess what I can do is try my best to make more money, right? Not an invitation to MLM, etc.

What about you guys? I have been a legally working adult for merely 5 years but I'm still struggling with managing myself financially. I'm properly paying my bills, my Grab PayLater Postpaid, Netflix subscription but any tips to control the urge to spend especially with the coming payday? Hit me up down below in the comment section.

Friday, July 10, 2020


Hey, guys! I know it's been awhile! :D

Check out the above entry if you're interested to exchange blog links, okay!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

About 3 Months of Waiting and 8 Days of Shipping

... from USA to Kota Kinabalu, finally the first book of Cassandra Clare's The Last Hour series has arrived to my doorstep! Thanks, Amazon!

I'm all nervous and already reread The Infernal Devices trilogy to prep myself for this sequel (as confirmed, a trilogy as well) and my gosh, I'm so excited to read Will and Tessa's Fairy Tale of London!

I'd like to apologise for lack of updates in here as with Covid-19, I haven't gotten out much and have been sitting around in my room, updating my skincare and sheet mask inventory; yes, I do have several spreadsheets for that and I've finished counting last night. The rough total is close to 1000 sheet masks! :D

I guess that's all for now and do stay tuned for more very soon! Until next time, take care!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Favourite Friday | Starbucks Caramel Pure Matcha Choc Chip Frappucino

I know, this beverage supposedly have Caramel drizzle but I was craving for caramel cheesecake with some macadamia nuts so I requested for the barista to omitted the drizzle and topped my whipped cream with chocolate drizzle instead.

Just look at the matcha powder! Definitely given me some odd aftertaste but I love it! It's like eating matcha dark chocolate I think and changing the milk to soy was indeed a lovely idea as it tones down the dairy affect on me a little bit. 

I do love it but I'm already looking forward to their V-day's crafts soon!

Are you over your winter beverages already or already craving for some panna cotta and jelly as we move towards hotter months?

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Throwback Thursday | Dubuyo's Kimchi Soondubu and Deep-fried Boseot

I'm not sure I'm loving Google Photos rediscovering notification these days. So I had these delicious Kimchi stew filled with chicken cutlets and tofu a year ago and man, I'm literally drooling right now!

Whenever I had stew, I always ordered these crunchy deep-fried mushroom with sprinkles of hot chili powder as these went so well together.

Do you eat Korean food? Well, I grew up with Chinese cuisine and then about 15 years ago, I've discovered Thai and Japanese food so these days I'm indulging in a lot of Korean food thanks to budding Korean restaurants around the city.

Dubuyo is sister company to Chicken Rice Shop so everything is halal Insya Allah.