Sunday, February 14, 2021

Log | Boba #fail


I went to pickup my flower reservation at Imago KK Times Square today and felt like having a boba while waiting for mum browsing some things at Daiso Japan so I stepped into Secret Recipe to avoid the mile-long line at Tealive and boy, I was shocked. 

I've ordered this bubble tea and honestly? This failed at 3 things I want in my boba. The pearls weren't cooked nicely, the tea tastes weirdly and I don't know what to expect from their tiger sugar; whether it's normal to have aftertaste or not, or that's supposed to be yummy? I was at lost. 

Have you tried this at your local Secret Recipe? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Favourite Friday | Pekan Nabalu


This has always been a favourite spot before continuing our long-drive to Sandakan. There isn't much going on during this pandemic but sipping coffee while looking at this view is definitely hitting that sweet spot of serenity that seems to be lacking in my life these days.

Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone camera.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Log | Workplace

Hi, guys! It has been awhile, I know! We have just started operating with all hands on deck so things are a little bit crazy for the past months. Even there was no end-of-year party or annual dinner, I'm rather occupied with coordinating with other partnering companies as we are heading towards the beginning of new projects.

Still, I'm excited to take a trip with my family tomorrow as we're going back to my mum's hometown in Sandakan. I'd be sure to stop by at Pekan Nabalu to take a shot of Mount Kinabalu with my new Samsung device - more on that later!

How are things with you guys so far into 2021?