Thursday, February 11, 2021

Log | Workplace

Hi, guys! It has been awhile, I know! We have just started operating with all hands on deck so things are a little bit crazy for the past months. Even there was no end-of-year party or annual dinner, I'm rather occupied with coordinating with other partnering companies as we are heading towards the beginning of new projects.

Still, I'm excited to take a trip with my family tomorrow as we're going back to my mum's hometown in Sandakan. I'd be sure to stop by at Pekan Nabalu to take a shot of Mount Kinabalu with my new Samsung device - more on that later!

How are things with you guys so far into 2021?

1 comment on "Log | Workplace"
  1. Tak tahu nak cakaplah tahun ini.. Awal tahun hari tu meriah dengan student.. ini dah sunyi balik.. Maybe 2,3 bulan lagi meriah balik kot..