Sunday, September 12, 2021

Shelfie Sunday | Izuku "Deku" Midoriya


Here's this month's update on my collection of Deku figure! Can you spot the latest figure that I've unboxed? Yes! It's that number from My Hero Academia anime 2019's movie titles Heroes Rising. While I'm still halfway through the third season of the anime, I'm going to watch it right before I start on the fourth season but I already can tell it's going to be awesome! I just saw the first movie last week and man, the Double Detroit Smash scene was totally a great watch. I now even more understand the depth of the bond between All Might and Deku and hopefully that bond will simply just get stronger as I go through each and every upcoming episodes.

I guess that's all for this week's Shelfie! I'll see you guys on the next one with more updates on the newest Deku figure i.e. his Stealth Suit version which will be coming hopefully before the end of this year. Stay home safely!

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