Friday, February 7, 2020

Favourite Friday | Starbucks Caramel Pure Matcha Choc Chip Frappucino

I know, this beverage supposedly have Caramel drizzle but I was craving for caramel cheesecake with some macadamia nuts so I requested for the barista to omitted the drizzle and topped my whipped cream with chocolate drizzle instead.

Just look at the matcha powder! Definitely given me some odd aftertaste but I love it! It's like eating matcha dark chocolate I think and changing the milk to soy was indeed a lovely idea as it tones down the dairy affect on me a little bit. 

I do love it but I'm already looking forward to their V-day's crafts soon!

Are you over your winter beverages already or already craving for some panna cotta and jelly as we move towards hotter months?

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Throwback Thursday | Dubuyo's Kimchi Soondubu and Deep-fried Boseot

I'm not sure I'm loving Google Photos rediscovering notification these days. So I had these delicious Kimchi stew filled with chicken cutlets and tofu a year ago and man, I'm literally drooling right now!

Whenever I had stew, I always ordered these crunchy deep-fried mushroom with sprinkles of hot chili powder as these went so well together.

Do you eat Korean food? Well, I grew up with Chinese cuisine and then about 15 years ago, I've discovered Thai and Japanese food so these days I'm indulging in a lot of Korean food thanks to budding Korean restaurants around the city.

Dubuyo is sister company to Chicken Rice Shop so everything is halal Insya Allah.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Music Monday | Beauty of the Dark by Mads Langer

The beauty of the dark is the beauty of you
I dream of dreaming dreams of you
But nightmares always block the view
I can't sleep

The beauty of silence is the noise of no words
When everything I listen for is here when you walk in the door tonight

Where is the light in your deep dark room?
A shock of white could save you from your shadow
Why is the dark behind the moon?
Out of reach until the light is shattered

The ugly things I do for beauty
If you could see what's real in me
Then maybe beauty wouldn't be so cruel

Where is the light in your deep dark room?
A shock of white could save you from your shadow
Why is the dark behind the moon?
Out of reach until the light is shattered

The beauty of the dark
The beauty of the dark is the beauty of you

Where is the light in your deep dark room?
A shock of white could save you from your shadow
Why is the dark behind the moon?
Out of reach until the light is shattered

Oh, God. I recently watched several episodes of The Vampire Diaries and this song just came on and I got reminded of hauntingly beautiful it is; literally on repeat on my iPod 10 years ago as I watched the series for the first time. lol

While most of the songs that I love and appreciate has to do with moon - I don't know, maybe I am descendant of werewolf in someway? Please don't ask me that. This song isn't exception to that and I can already imagine the songwriter was probably sitting at a corner of dark room staring at a girl while holding is guitar.

I hardly discover new songs these days as I kept coming back to my 2010s playlist. Typical Leo.

Signing off, take care!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Series Review | Dracula (2020)

I read a lot of Classics just not this one although I've seen plenty of movies based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula. At this point, I bet many of you already know what's a vampire or at least the concept of it so you are probably having some kind of ideas in your head before watching any vampire movies and I am not excluded from it.

*spoiler alert*

The first episode was lovely in ways that I dig the tones, the settings, some Easter Eggs and as I did studied architecture a little bit, I do appreciate that this series took place in one of the most beautiful castle in Slovakia, the Orava Castle which was built in 13th century originally in Gothic and Romanesque style.

While we all know the characters in Dracula from other movies, this series focused on the titular character's weaknesses and while the scene where Dracula emerged from the black creature was so hauntingly beautiful (read: terrifying enough to induce nightmare last night), I find myself drawn into his curiosity and therefore experiments with his brides. This gave me the idea that he was really desperate for companies. While thinking he was a mere monster, he still acted or maybe at some point feel like any human.

The second episode was the highlight of the series, I'd say. While the writers coloured some LGBTQ+ theme to it, I was actually quite surprised when it was revealed that the room number 9's occupant is Agatha herself! Surrounded by flies, I thought it was filled with the bodies drained by Dracula but nope!

The third episode while it was kind of not in the direction I would fancy it was supposed to, not only skipped a whole century into the future but also the lingering scenes between Seward and Lucy is not something I am overly fond of. Safe to say, it went downhill until the bittersweet end of it all.

*spoiler ends*

I've got to point out that this short series indeed breathed in something fresh and I'd say successfully put Dracula into a new light (pun intended, literally) but I admit, I rather liked it. I don't know about you but at some point of watching the series, I felt like while I was all into gaining superficial things in life for most of my awaking hours, I forgot to live while making a living.

In the end, I feel so humbled by the fact that I often ignored my duties towards myself and other people in my life, only remembering God when bad things happened to me.

Overall, I loved it. I'd be looking forward to more of Claes Bang work after this.

By the way, have you seen the network's teaser billboard in the UK? Absolutely, masterpiece!

I guess that's all from me. Hoped you guys enjoyed your recent CNY long weekend. As for me, I took a trip across the state to Miri, Sarawak. It was hellish but I'll update on that soon.

Until then, take care!