Friday, February 7, 2020

Favourite Friday | Starbucks Caramel Pure Matcha Choc Chip Frappucino

I know, this beverage supposedly have Caramel drizzle but I was craving for caramel cheesecake with some macadamia nuts so I requested for the barista to omitted the drizzle and topped my whipped cream with chocolate drizzle instead.

Just look at the matcha powder! Definitely given me some odd aftertaste but I love it! It's like eating matcha dark chocolate I think and changing the milk to soy was indeed a lovely idea as it tones down the dairy affect on me a little bit. 

I do love it but I'm already looking forward to their V-day's crafts soon!

Are you over your winter beverages already or already craving for some panna cotta and jelly as we move towards hotter months?

12 comments on "Favourite Friday | Starbucks Caramel Pure Matcha Choc Chip Frappucino"
  1. sedap.. teringin terus lepas tengok gambar

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  4. Gosh, wish I were as creative with my SB drinks. I never dare to deviate from the menu! Perhaps someday soon... ;)