Friday, July 5, 2024

Favourite Friday | Stanley Tumbler

My very first Stanley tumbler is actually the Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ Tumbler in 1.18L size that I've got during my trip to Montanic Adventure in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall last month but the best feature about that tumbler is also the worst one when it comes to me because I have weak arms and I do think it's better for the car cup holder instead of something to be carried everywhere.

So instead of taking my mum's advice to simply shop my tumbler stash that consist of different types of Starbucks tumbler, I just ordered another one via Shopee hence this IceFlow™ AeroLight™ Thermos Bottle. I prefer ambience or cold plain water from my ever trusted water purifier so I don't need something to maintain hot water anyway and I just loved the black colour as it matches well with my usual work outfits. I'd definitely recommend this if you're like me who always travel with cold bottled water and have access to easy refills on-the-go. 


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Blogwalking | Refresh Bloglist kembali Lagi


It's been awhile since I last do a Blogwalking so here I am!

Throwback Thursday | Demon Slayer : Total Concentration Exhibition


I just saw the announcement that this exhibition is happening in Philippines in couple of weeks so here is the throwback photo of the queue area with all the Hashira present. I was told that their heights here is actually to scale so that's actually a nice detail and below is the entrance i.e. the Mount Fujikasane; designated mountain  by Demon Slayer Corps for the Final Selection. I don't have other exhibition to compare but this was surreal to me and I'm having different feelings now after finishing the latest Hashira Training Arc on Netflix.

I remember this exhibition only covered the first season anime and the Mugen Train movie with some scenes from Kimetsu Academy so here's hoping to second round of the exhibition that cover the rest of the anime with improved merchandise for Malaysian fans like myself.

Oh, I just remembered I haven't posted about my trip to Attack on Titan exhibition despite the fact that I went right on the first day of opening as I detoured from my work trip in Putrajaya. I'll keep you guys posted on that later. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Log | Picnic at Daradaat View, Ratau, Kota Belud, Sabah.

This was exactly a month ago as we're celebrating my nephew's birthday and I just had like a day to come back home for the weekend so I grabbed my brothers, new sister-in-law, the birthday boy, my niece, of course my parents and my new nephew and niece to go for a picnic at this camping site about 3-hour drive away from my hometown.

This was the very much needed rest after a month (at the time) of late nights at the office and mountains of take-outs and deliveries.

To be honest, the views here aren't that better compared to other campsites we've been but the weather was cool as it's about to rain and there were less people that we've anticipated so it's kind of perfect.

One of my recent purchase from my new favourite outdoor store. So comfortable to sit in for hours and now I'm wishing for its table sister and storage bags buddies.

I don't know why I love looking at rocks and stones! 

Overall, it was nice and totally chill. It rained heavily right after we've packed our stuffs in the car so indeed it was perfect. Can't wait for our next trip to another campsite hopefully within this month! I'll catch up with you guys later.