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Figurine | Banpresto Demon Slayer FIGURE Guardians of the Night - Fourth Form

I've heard that this fourth Banpresto figurine for Demon Slayer anime which for is Inosuke Hashibira (嘴平 伊之助 Hashibira Inosuke) character stirred quite controversial among Malaysian figure collectors as the character wears wild boar headgear but I don't really see it that way because once you saw his face, I bet you just can't un-see it! 

Of course, this figurine is part of Demon Slayer : Guardians of the Night (鬼滅の刃フィギュアー絆ノ装 Kimetsu no Yaiba Figua - Kizuna no Sou) designed by Banpresto Co. Ltd. (toy company that has merged with Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. since 2019) as well as the other figurines I've posted about previously and at this point, this is the fourth Inosuke's figure (two from Banpresto Q Posket and another from the same line) in my whole collection. I'd be sure to post about the others real soon, okay!

Now, let's talk about the packaging!

After extensive search through several online shopping platforms, I've finally managed to find this figurine on Shopee as I've decided that it's the best platform for buying figurines released prior last year and after making comparisons to the photos posted on, I'm confident that this figure is indeed authentic so it was a huge relief as I've found a lot of fakes and counterfeits i.e bootlegs also sold on the very same platform.

I've noticed that the front elevation of the figurine being printed on both smaller sides of the box with the right side featuring the A version or the Sepia Colour version of the previous release of figurines; Zenitsu Agatsuma - Third Form in Sepia Colour version was featured along side the Fourth Form of this figurine line which is  B version in normal colour as shown above.

At the back of the box, there's the front elevation of the figurine being printed again along with the manufacturer address at the bottom part of the box. Also, there's the manufacturing date printed at the bottom side of the box which is June, 2020 hence this figurine that I've gotten is actually a re-release version of the figurine as it first came out back in October, 2019.

At the top side of the box, there's the official anime logo with the figurine's name printed on it. There's also the indicator (white box) that this figurine is for Sales Outside Japan Only. According to a Shopee seller, an authentic figure always comes in a box and there's serial number stamped on the inner side of of the top (sometimes bottom) lid of the box so definitely check yours before cutting open the plastic cover.

Now, the figurine came with an inner packaging that supposedly hold the unassembled figurine inside so even when the outer box get smashed into half of its size, not to worry as the figurine should be safe for you to unbox. Well, I'd sure hope so as I've already gotten one figurine with torn outer box at this point and it's still in perfect condition although the Shopee seller sure got a long review (read : rant) with multiple photos and a video.

Of course, the figurine came in unassembled parts as shown above sealed in clear plastics; usually in 3 to 6 parts depending on the design but for this Third Form, there's the black oval base, the body, the head then two of Inosuke's nichirin blades and these took me less than a minute to assemble although I've spent like 10 minutes trying to attach the swords but I've decided to put a smallest drop of instant glue in the end. 

Of course, I would prefer to get a figurine with action pose; the same as Zenitsu but to be honest, I really don't have much space to go one with action pose which usually takes upon a lot of space so I'm going to hold onto this for a much longer. Still, the build is quite nice don't you guys think?

Side elevations of the figurine. The swords fell out like several times as I turned the figure around several times to take the photos hence I decided to paste them permanently. I love the details on his fur thing around his waist by the way! Saw the bootleg ones and I totally can spot the differences right away.

Back elevation of the figurine. Damn that back muscle! By the way, I've noticed that Inosuke was wearing the same pants as he fought a member of Demon Slayer that sort of invading Inosuke's mountain area prior deciding on going for the Final Selection. Did you guys know about this? Because I remember Zenitsu noticing what he was wearing upon their first encounter and mentioned that he's wearing Demon Slayer uniform. 

Inosuke was featured on the cover of the fourth volume of the original Japanese manga and Viz Media's official English comic along with Tanjirou and I'm pretty sure it's the scene when Tanjirou head-butted Inosuke while they were fighting upon their first encounter. Man, I can't believe Inosuke was sulking more about the head-butt rather than upsetting over his 4 broken ribs!

So that's the other version of Inosuke and yes, same pose without the boar headgear. They should've just sold this fourth figurine with both heads at slightly higher price but I know that's not the manufacturer style for this figurine line. I guess that's all of it! I'll see you guys on next week's post!

Disclaimer | This figurine was bought and shipped to my door with my own money. My opinions expressed here don't represent any party and I'm not responsible for any misinformation as I'm just sharing them as it is but feel free to let let me know if you want to add or correct anything here. Sharing is caring!

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  1. the story about Inosuke's boar headgear can;t get any sadder than that.