Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Series Review | Shadowhunters (2019)

Finally, I've finished the whole 3 series of Shadowhunters in merely less than a month as I've watched the special season finale last night. Like Clary after receiving the message from Angel Raziel, I can't help but tearing up throughout watching the whole last 2 episodes.

I don't want to talk about how this series is somewhat differs from the book as it's pretty much similar to Twilight saga before; there's just too much to be packed in a series plus I haven't finished reading not even the first instalment of the Mortal Instruments books so I can't really say much about it.

*spoiler alert*
But I can tell you this, I really wish that instead 2-episode special is at least 3 hours long. After all those dramatic entrance of the villain, the final battle to defeat him was too simple and plain for me. The series already gave us audience away about it when the villain emerge into a whole different level of villain when he allied with another enemy of the Shadowhunters so I was expecting a little bit more resistance from him. I can't help but feeling like the writers just want to finish off the whole thing and rush to the fairy tale ending.
*spoiler ends*

Still, I do love how the end just brings me back to the very first episode of the series. Somewhat similar to what I've felt with How I Met Your Mother. with all the feelings just wash all over me like wave of happiness with a tinge of sadness but as the title of the episode goes, all good things...

I guess it's time to finally go back to the books to finish off what I've started although I did actually finished a book that is a sequel to the whole Mortal Instruments series. I'll review that soon!

Which Netflix series that you're indulging yourself in right now? Tell me in the comment sections down below. I guess that's all of it and I'll see you guys on my next post. Take care!

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  1. tengok latest kdrama Crash Landing On You je kat netflix..hehe

  2. menarik ni.. x berkesempatan nak buka netflix lagi.. hehe

  3. saya lama dah abis, but the ending so-so, how i wish ada sambungan. now addicted to The witcher but stuck a while sebab layan cinderella & four knight 😁

  4. Tak tengok netflix.. Tp skrg nie tengah layan drama china Wuxin the monster killer.. hehehe