Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Influencer Got Influenced

I was just finished my dinner last night; had mushroom soup and piri piri chicken (missing my best friend who's probably having the best time of her life vacationing in Japan right now) and as I walked out the Japanese restaurant heading towards the elevator, thinking to pick up more Lululun sheet masks from Sasa on the ground floor of Suria Sabah Shopping mall, there it was. Located right in front of the elevator (nearby Technocrats), the first Daniel Wellington store here in East Malaysia.

While telling the story of how I've gotten my first DW watch to the sale assistant; it was mostly thanks to @faafirds and @joankeem as I've coveted the piece and its accessories for couple of years before decided to finally made the purchase, the SA said, "so to say you're an influencer who got influenced?" and then we both laughed. I was just simply showing her some of my Instagram posts with the watch and that's probably why she called me an influencer. Truth is, I'm actually far from being one.

After spending like an hour at DW, I went to Popular to pick up a book by Holly Black who dedicated it to Cassandra Clare, The Cruel Prince which is the first instalment of the author's The Folk of the Air series. I'm about to finish Clare's The Infernal Devices series soon so whether I'm finally going to start on The Mortal Instruments or Holly Black's series, I'll be sure to update you guys here.

What are you enjoying in your free time by the way? Do indulge me in the comment section down below. I guess that's all from me and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post. Take care!

3 comments on "Influencer Got Influenced "
  1. biasanya kalau ada masa terluang memang marathon kdrama/cdrama ataupun novel yang tak habis-habis baca dekat rak.. hehehe

  2. Dina teringin nak ada satu from DW. Now, Dina guna Fossil je.

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