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Book Review | Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare
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I've finished reading this around the time I was about to finished the Shadowhunter series on Netflix. I have got to say that the final episode really does give me some sort of a glimpse of Simon and Jace Herondale relationship at some point of reading this book. I know, the series and the books are totally different but I can't help recalling the first chapter of the book when I saw the scene where Jace was training Simon hard although Simon remained as vampire till the end of the series.

I'm not gonna lie but I kinda want George to be alive and maybe Simon can visit London Institute, not simply because he was being summoned but I guess George's death (maybe Jordan's too) really just a pivoting moment that solidify Simon's determination on being a Shadowhunter. I truly love arriving to Simon's point of realisation that the point wasn't that he tried to live forever, the point was that he lived, and did everything he could to live well. The point was the choices he made and the people he loved.

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Reading Simon's journey on becoming a Shadowhunter truly humbled me in some way, as if he's a real character in real life. Overcoming his insecurities, fears for himself and his loved ones and most importantly, embracing all his memories during the Ascension ritual which is full of courage. 

It's also nice to be reminded that every story has 2 sides to it like the tale of the Lost Herondale but I've had a feeling there's so much to the story after being told by guest lecturer for the first time. More like a Herondale with no heroic quality? I was having a hard time to believe that. 

Overall, the book is great. Simon humors entertained me each and every time and it's really good to see Clary some sort of sharing Simon with Isabelle (it doesn't make sense to me that Clary asked Isabelle to be her parabatai in the series, really) plus I simply would love to see more of Jace and Simon!

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