Monday, January 6, 2020

Music Monday | Light in the Darkness | YouTube Playlist

As much as I want to embed my Spotify playlist in here, I still can't find the way to do it but of course, it's much easier to share the link via social media e.g. Instagram Stories.

So, as you guys might as well aware that I've been into Shadowhunters books, series, extras, etc lately, it's probably given that I want to share with you guys my playlist! Obviously, these are the songs featured in the first 2 seasons of Shadowhunters - I haven't got into last year's season 3 (which is also the final season) yet simply because I want to savour the story of Clace a little bit more.

But I just want to point out that one of my favourite featured sing here is 'Unworthy' by Vancouver Sleep Clinic; first come up during Jace and Clary's scene in episode "Hail and Farewell" - obviously this song is made for the two but last night, as I was reading Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Device #3) and that moment I arrived to the chapter where Will was just pouring his heart out to Tessa, this song came to play. Legit goosebumps right that second as it's so perfect!

Oh, speaking of Spotify, you guys probably now that YouTube now have YouTube Music; similar to Spotify but it doesn't really do much to me as I love Spotify's 'Autoplay' feature so much - I can keep listening to similar tracks when my actual playlist ends so that's like a song recommendation feature to me too. I don't think I'm moving over to YouTube Music soon but do let me know what you think on Spotify vs YouTube Music.

I guess that's all from me and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Take care!

6 comments on "Music Monday | Light in the Darkness | YouTube Playlist"
  1. ending shadow hunter cam hanging, really hope ada sambungan

  2. dua-dua nie Spotify dan YouTube Music ini tak guna.. sebab playlist dekat Youtube tu ikut mood.. hehehe..

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