Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

"Well, I just woke up from the most horrible New Year Eve party in my life!"

In all honesty, I spent my New Year's Eve in bed, reading books while cuddling my soft plush Kraftholic toy that I referred to as Yona. yes, from the Korean drama, 'Kill Me, Heal Me' Ahn Yona being one of the main protagonist's personalities who were suffering Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Anyway, I'm thankful that I didn't actually have anything to regret waking up this morning other than I forgot to do my night skincare routine before going to bed resulting my face feeling so dry I had to use the thickest and heaviest moisturiser I have in my skincare stash, topping off with heaviest sun cream.

I've decided to simply spend the day hanging out with my younger brother, ordering takeouts from a new Chinese Seafood restaurant and indulging myself in my bubble tea addiction via Grab Food, doing our annual movie marathon; this year's would be Pirates of Caribbean and finish off with dinner brought home by mum from some food truck gathering in the city.

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I was tempted to go out just now but I've figured I still want to go back to some books I'm reading - do check out my Goodreads for updates by the way. Last year was such a disaster as I barely read anything and simply reread some light novels in my personal library back in our main residence; I was so into Young Adult throughout my teens, 20s and well, even now in my 30s still. I'm thinking to pick up some Horror novels but once I've got my hands on a new YA series, that thought got pushed to the back of my brain. Currently, I'm indulging myself in Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices trilogy and I'm about to finish the first book, Clockwork Angel. 

So I guess that's all from me. I'll see you guys on my next post! Good night!

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