Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Talk Tuesday | Funko Pop! Protectors

While I'm taking it slow with collecting Banpresto prize figures for My Hero Academia given that I'm merely waiting for my July, August and September pre-orders supposedly arriving in October, I've started collecting more Funko Pop! for this animation. Now that I'm halfway through my checklist, I've got more than 20 in my collection so I'm in the middle of rearranging them next to my Detolf glass cabinet and started to notice more and more of the dents on the boxes. 

Of course, I've started collecting for my own self-satisfaction but I'm also thinking of investing in several expensive items from the lineup therefore the first thing I need when it comes to that is protection for these babies! I've received several recommendations from the #funkopopmalaysia community and decided to get my first batch of protectors from Gotcha Pops; Malaysian-based Shopee seller.

My order was processed, shipped and arrived to my East Malaysian address via J&T within 4 days which is pretty amazing! The seller used a box and packet lined with air bubbles so the items were nice and secured.

If you're such a newbie like me, remember to peel off the plastic cover of the protector! I was wondering for a good minute of why the protector wasn't clear as pictured on the store? I'd start peeling from the back side of the protector if I were you.

Once unfold, the protector sits nice on a flat surface like that unlike low quality protector which tends to have curvy top and bottom that could lead the Pop!s to fall over once stacked on top of each other. Now that I think about it, each Pop! isn't that heavy so that's why I decided to go for this kind of protector.

Noticed the reinforced grooved edges so each unfolding session of the protector takes like a minute especially with the auto-locking base but remember to not fold the lid outwards in order to not damage the lid. 

Took me about half an hour to unfold the whole set of 20 pieces and after inspecting each and every protector, I've discovered several with minor defects.

After a pleasant exchange of information and clear photos with the seller, he agreed either to refund the amount for the damaged goods or simply replace and include them in my next purchase. Knowing that my whole collection is more than 20 and all of them in need of protectors, I decided with getting the damaged ones to be replaced. 

The top view where you can see the embossed logo of the protector brand.

As you can see above, the top part is quite flat indeed so I have no problem stacking them against a wall so far.

The auto-locking base slightly converges inward so that gives a slight room for the minimal curvy part on some protectors.

For now, I only placed 5 of my Funko Pop! in the protectors as I already reviewed them here so definitely check them out! I'm going to take more photos of the ones I haven't reviewed yet before I can place them in their protectors and sealing them off for good. By the way, check out my unboxing video down below and make sure to follow my Facebook Page for more video contents!

So what do you think of this brand of collectible protector? Supposedly it does have that UV protection to reduce the chances of damage by sun rays but I only have them for literally a day so I really can't tell that now so I'd be sure to check in with you guys again maybe in about 3 months?

I guess that's all from me so I'll be seeing you guys on my next post! Stay home and safe!

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