Saturday, July 10, 2021

Log | Installing IKEA DETOLF Glass Cabinet


While mum have been complaining about my growing size of figure collection simply because she doesn't know which is which and wonders why there are so many green-haired boy figures, I decided to make my (read: my dad's) divider less congested by getting this beautifully minimal glass cabinet yesterday and spent like an hour setting it up last night. Happy birthday, mum! I hope you like it! ... also you guys know I'm just teasing her, right? Not to worry, I already gave her birthday present like back in April right before I quit my job.

Anyway, I'm not going into details on how to install this super basic shelf so just enjoy these photos I've taken while I'm setting it up and of course, excuse the messy background. 


The cabinet came in two parts and a very clear instruction booklet. Just follow it carefully, trust me. Also, the components aren't really sorted in the two boxes according to the booklet so just open both right away and check if any is missing.

I decided to just place the cabinet against a chair like that because I was worried in case the glass went backward or something but thankfully it didn't.

I had to climb up a chair to screw in the top part because I'm kind of short compared to the guys pictured in the book. Man, I was jealous.

It took me awhile to figure out the reason why the door unable to close properly and then I realised this small thing was't pushed down completely and slightly sideways.

I'd sure did took my time adjusting the door too as the hinges kept on hitting the side glass. I don't know why I can hear my dad's scoldings at a time like this. Huh.

The rubbers are there to ensure the glass won't slip especially when you're trying to move the cabinet around. Or just don't move them around with the glass dividers in the cabinet. Duh!

Sounds crazy but I wanted to wipe the smudges and handprints right away like even before finish installing the door.

I know I need to install the hook at the top but I don't have drills at hand and also it was around midnight but mostly because I don't know how to use one plus my best boy baby brother is at my parents house for the weekend. 

Of course, this isn't the final arrangement of this shelf but I think it's pretty established that I only will be placing figures with small bases or using mere foot standings due to limited closed space. I will try to source more of that clear plastic stands to use more of the upper space in each levels or maybe I'd be placing one Super Master Stars Pieces figure at each level later, I don't know but surely will be updating you guys on that.

I hope you enjoy my short story on this and how was your sleep last night? It was cold due to the rain but I slept like 4 in the morning as I had coffee like at 9 p.m. (dumb move, I know!). Still, I kind of enjoyed the nice night winds and the scents of the rain. So I guess that's all of it and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

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