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Figure | Banpresto Q Posket Rurouni Kenshin - Enishi Yukishiro


As promised for figure review this week, I'm going to talk about Banpresto Q Posket for Rurouni Kenshin and the first figure that came out from this line back in April is one of the main characters of the live action movie which is Enishi Yukishiro (雪代縁 Yukishiro Enishi). If you guys didn't know, the movies are featuring the final arc of the manga which isn't covered in the anime so that's very much interesting because God knows if the anime going to be rebooted or not say like Sailormoon. Have you seen the newest Sailormoon movie by the way?

Now, let's talk about the packaging!



As you can see the above, there's the front elevation printed both at the front and back of the box. The design is real nice and just pops right out with the bright colour to complement the figure colour scheme. This is indeed the A version of the figure and I do prefer this one instead of the cooler, muted tone of the B version. Of course, there's the Bandai Spirits CO. Ltd. logo at the lower right corner of the box with Banpresto logo at the top right of it as to indicate that this is an authentic item released by the manufacturer.  

At the top side of the box, there's the figurine line; Rurouni Kenshin Q Posket printed on it and there's also the round, white and blue logo printed on the lower right part that says Approved by SHUEISHA. Also, there's the manufacturing date printed at the bottom side of the box which is April, 2021 and I'm pretty sure that this is the Asian Version of the figure.

Now, the figurine came with an inner packaging and protector lining that supposedly hold the unassembled figurine inside so even when the outer box get smashed into half of its size, not to worry as the figurine should be safe for you to unbox. 

According to my observation, an authentic figure always comes in a box and there's serial number stamped on the inner side of of the top (sometimes bottom) lid of the box so definitely check yours before cutting open the plastic cover.

I also noticed that these recents releases have set of number printed right on the plastic and there's also a series of number printed at the foot stand along with Bandai Spirits name and logo.

Of course, the figurine came in unassembled parts, sealed in clear plastics; usually in 3 to 6 parts depending on the design and for this first figure from the line, there's the custom black foot stand, the upper and lower body parts that took me less than a minute to assemble. 

Enishi has black eyes (highlighted with a blue hue) and spiky white hair, which occasionally casts a shadow over his eyes. He wears a Chinese-made outfit consisting of orange pants with a blue line running down each outside leg, a skin-tight dark blue tank top, and an orange jacket with blue running down the middle, blue cuffs, and a blue-lined collar. He also wears a blue half-cape and slings his watō over his back in a light brown bag. Seems to me that the trademark feature of Enishi is the small round sunglasses he wore until they broke in his final fight with Kenshin. 

Front elevations. Ahh~ just looking at him while he's looking sideways! So cute! 

There's the embossed copyright at the inner side of Enishi's cape.

Enishi was released simultaneously with Kenshin. 

The whole Q Posket line for Rurouni Kenshin as of this date. 

So what do you think of this figure? Have you watched Rurouni Kenshin? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below and I guess that's all of it! I'll see you guys on next week's post!

Disclaimer | This figurine was bought and shipped to my door with my own money. My opinions expressed here don't represent any party and I'm not responsible for any misinformation as I'm just sharing them as it is but feel free to let let me know if you want to add or correct anything here. Sharing is caring!

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