Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Log | Late Lunch at Lucy's Kitchen


After I was done with my errands around 88 Marketplace, I walked in Lucy's Kitchen thinking to maybe just grab something to drink but then I've realized that I haven't eaten anything since this morning so... 

I had Pari Masak Asam Pedas and man, it's been awhile since I last had one. The portion was quite nice for a single person and I appreciate the lots of vegetables but I do think that the fish was quite overcooked but overall taste was quite nice. 

I had this Roselle juice and I haven't had it before so the taste was quite refreshing. 

The brownie tasted so good as I like how it's not as sweet as I've expected and it went well with vanilla ice cream. Wish I could've bought that wafer on top separately 😆

The overall lunch was quite nice I'd say as I was literally dining alone throughout the hour I was in there. I was listening to my usual dining Spotify playlist; Han Geuru's playlist from Netflix's Move to Heaven series and took my time with my dessert. Paid everything with my GrabPay credit and off to CKS supermarket at the mini mall nearby. 

I guess that's the log for today and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post. 

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