Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Talk Tuesday | Banpresto Japanese vs. Asian


So a fellow anime figure collector asked me about the difference between the authentic Banpresto Japan version and the Asian version and physically, there is no difference when it comes to the figures itself as all of Banpresto figures are made in China; pretty sure I've heard only Gundam figures, model kits, etc. are made in Japan if we're talking about Bandai Spirits Co. Ltd. products.

The differences I'm going to point out today are the box packaging in case you're wondering the one that you're holding in your hands are not authentic or simply just meant for Japanese or Asian market. Of course, the Japan version of Banpresto figures are supposedly can be obtained from the crane machines that are located literally everywhere along the streets of Akihabara (or any part of Japan) hence why these figures are called as Prize figures but I know for sure that you can directly purchase them from local resellers.

As for us figure collectors living outside Japan, Banpresto have local partner stores scattered all over Asian region which you guys can actually see the list at the bottom of the box itself and I've been getting my figures almost exclusively from official partner stores to ensure my money went straight to Bandai Spirits company. Yes, I don't support the bootleg or counterfeit sellers and community but if you do then don't mind me and keep doing you. 

Now, as you can see in the above photo, there is no difference when it comes to the front side of the boxes, right? Except for the indicator that there's only 1 version of the figure released for this figure; unlike some of their figures that have monochrome version for those custom figure enthusiasts out there, the designs are basically the same.

The same goes for the back sides of the boxes. Other than more wordings on the Japan version, the designs are the same as well.

There is no difference to the design at the sides of the box either.

Now, this is where you can see the difference. Look at the top of the boxes, while the original Japan version has that JAIA PRIZE blue logo; pretty sure it's a crane machine company or brand along with the TOHO Co. Ltd logo, the Asian version has a barcode on right and a round, hologram MediaLink sticker placed on top of the TOHO Co. Ltd. logo.

At the bottom of the boxes, while the original Japan version has bunch of information all printed in Japanese, the Asian version has information printed in English including the manufacturing date.

So I guess that's all for today's talk! This is the first post on this #TGLBFigureTalks so definitely do stay tuned for more! I also have received several other figures from the Japan market via Facebook resellers so I'd be sure to keep you guys updated. See you on my next post! #staysafe

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