Monday, August 9, 2021

Mini Monday | Banpresto Q Posket Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka


Inspired from some materials on my beauty blog, I hereby announce the beginning of another segment in this blog #TGLBMiniMonday where I'll be sharing about the mini (5 to 7 cm) or as we called it among the figure collector community, chibi; smaller version or sometimes on their own and style of anime figures.

To be frank, I didn't know that Giyu was supposed to come out in its regular-sized 14cm Q Posket figure back in May so I went ahead and bought the Petit ones sometime in April after I've gotten Zenitsu in Sepia colour. I've also pre-ordered the rest of volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the Q Posket Petit for Demon Slayer featuring all the nine Pillars with volume 3 already released end of last month that includes Obanai, another Giyu and Muiichiro.

What do you think of the Petit version? Do you think it's better to just collect Banpresto World Collection Figure as it offers much more characters or the Petit ones are just too cute to pass? Let me know by leaving comments down below.

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