Saturday, September 25, 2021

Stacked Saturday | Banpresto My Hero Academia The Amazing Heroes Figures Vol. 1 to 14

Finally, after waiting for over 3 months for its arrival, the latest Banpresto figure for My Hero Academia as part of their The Amazing Heroes lineup has arrived! Featuring Katsuki "Kacchan" Bakugo's character in his hero costume, this is the first time for me having one in Winter Suit version. Although this version is missing his gauntlets, I still think it's kinda cool to at least have one without those - I'll post a shelfie of Kacchan-only figure sometime this weekend so do look forward to that!

The above is the complete set of The Amazing Heroes lineup so I'd sure hope you guys are enjoying the unboxing videos that I've been posting on my new YouTube channel. This figure is indeed the first one for me to actually unbox while on camera so be sure to check the video once it's up on the last day of this month!

I guess that's all from me so I'll see you guys on my next post! In the meantime, be sure to stay home and safely!

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