Friday, June 28, 2024

Log | Missions Completed


As I expected, lots of matcha-based beverages launched by different cafes recently and I'm starting with one from ZUS Coffee, their new Not Pistachio Latte. 

I'm already a big fan of their Barista Coconut milk so this is a must-try for me and I loved it! Not too sweet for my taste and even though there's no actual pistachio in it, it did tasted similarly. The matcha tasted nicely too with slight bitterness that got balanced out with the creamy coconut milk. I requested whipped cream as I was picking this up instead of the usual delivery to my office and overall it's a lovely treat after months of late nights at the office as I was dealing with my accounting auditors.

On average, I usually managed to complete like one or two missions but I did more for this month of June. The one mission that I completed for the first time ever since they've came up with their app is that one for the early bird. Like I said, I've been spending late nights at the office hence I needed more caffeine in the morning. Boy, I'm so glad as I can finally go back to my normal office hours after more than 3 months and I can't wait to catch up with so many things especially this season's anime but first, I'm going to get some good night sleep.

4 comments on "Log | Missions Completed"
  1. sy jarang2 minum kopi yg mahal2 ni. Cuma mampu bancuh Nescafe aje di rumah.

  2. Nmpk sedap..dah lama x minum matcha..

    1. tgh dalam percubaan utk kurangkan coffee dalam rutin seharian haha