Friday, June 25, 2021

Log | Kijiya Volume 12 Is Here


... Sort of. So if you guys remember last week, I was on the hunt for the 12th volume of Zint's Kijiya series and honestly I was stumped. I couldn't find it anywhere; websites, online shopping platforms and social media through popular hashtags so I've reached out to GempakStarz again to get some leads on where I can get it. Perhaps their staff hide one or two copies in their drawers but instead, they told me about eSentral; the biggest e-book platform in Malaysia. Of course, I just had to hop onto the platform and explore their options.

While I'm probably the last person in this country with a smartphone who didn't know aboute-Sentral, you guys can check out the app right on Play Store and I've installed mine in my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The first book I bought? Of course, it's right there in the title of this post; Kijiya Volume 12! Yay!


I'm so elated to finally come to the end of my quest to complete this comic series! Congratulations, Zint!

I'm also happy to find Ben's The Fishes by the way! My physical copy was lost somewhere; probably grew some wings and flew out of my shelf, I don't know but this e-book will do for now.

I guess that's all of it! Let me know if you're on e-Sentral too and if you have interesting downloads to share about by leaving comments down below. See you on my next post!

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