Friday, June 18, 2021

Funko Pop! Friday | My Hero Academia #609 All For One

It's Friday and you guys know what it means! I've been wanting to share with you guys about this Funko Pop! from My Hero Academia animation and it's featuring All For One's character! Up to this point, there are at least 3 different Pop!s for this character and this indeed the first one that came out from the #6XX wave. I've already ordered the other two from official oversea distributor so be sure to keep yourself updated by giving my Facebook Page (link on the sidebar) a Like and show your support by hitting that Follow button so you won't be missing out on my upcoming contents!

But first off, let's see the packaging that All For One came in. Just to let you guys know, I got this Funko Pop! from official Malaysian distributor which is Sheldonet directly on their own website so I'm so happy that I've received this figure in mint condition as it was shipped in a plastic container.

This Pop! came with the regular MediaLink hologram sticker for Asian market.

As you can see above, there's the (I believe) latest version of the distributor sticker. 

Of course, the Pop! came with a transparent plastic mould to hold the item in place while in the box.

Side elevations of the Pop! figure. It's quite interesting to see the whole look for the character as I've only watched up until the early episodes of the third season where All For One was just sitting on his chair. haha

For Pop! figure you guys can check the copyright logo embossed at the feet.

Update on August 27th 2021, I'm currently using Gotcha Pops to protect my Pop!s so I'll check back with you guys at the end of the year and see whether the colour of the box fades or not.

I would say that this is a great Pop! as a starter as you can see how well the figure was made by the company while looking at the details and how accurate the design is. Can't wait for the other two Pop!s to arrive as I really want to see the other points of representation of the character; not just the positions of hands or feet, maybe his quirks or accessories. Those Special Edition versions of the the two Pop!s; #646 Big Apple Collectibles and #647 Fugitive Toys Exclusive respectively have arrived so I shall post reviews on them sometime in September.

So what do you guys think? Would you have Funko Pop! as part of your figure collection? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below and I guess I'll be seeing you guys in my next segment post.

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  1. Nice figure collection! figure collector should not miss this

  2. I think I should buy this item for my kid...

  3. this is indeed a must-have for #leagueofvillains fans