Friday, June 11, 2021

Log | Sorting My Comics


So yeah, I was sorting my comics that apparently were all over the place at my house in my hometown and also at my apartment so all of these are wrapped and ready to be sealed until the next time I decided to read them again. As you can see when it comes to Malay comics, I only got these from GempakStarz and I've been collecting these since 2006 I think? 

Anyway, I mostly collect works from Kaoru, Zint and Ben while they're with GempakStarz; I honestly don't really what's their status as of 2021 and I just found out that the magazine has been discontinued. Sad.

I loved Ben's works ever since I've read his 2005's work titled The Fishes which unfortunately has been stolen from my personal library at home. Not surprising as the last time I was home sorting these comics was like 2010.

Fatal Chaos was the one series that Ben worked on around the time he was quitting GempakStarz and I've heard the last volume from the series was done by the studio and necessarily by the mangaka himself. I'm not sure and please don't quote me but definitely tell me if you have reliable source on this.

I've been following Kaoru's works about the same time as Ben's and I remember picking up her 2007's comic titled Kaoru's Cake House and then my obsession towards her published works just went spiraled from there and I began collecting more comics published and I'm a huge fan of this Maid Maiden series.

Zint is probably one of the biggest artist GempakStarz have and my younger brother is a huge fan of his works therefore by extension me as well. I read his early works like his 2002's Under 18 which goes on for like RM200 on Carousel (crazy!) and I'm fairly entertained with the Kijiya series especially now that I'm onto a lot of shounen works. Although I just found out that Kijiya has already ended at volume 15 and I was missing like half of it so I tried scouring through some sites to get new or pre-loved copies before I can properly finished reading the series. I still have one volume which is the 12th one so I'll keep you guys updated on that sometime next week.

How about you guys? Do you read comics? Let me know by leaving comments down below.

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