Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throwback Thursday | RIP iPod Classic

So I just saw the boy; main character was playing his iPod in one of ONE OK ROCK's latest music videos and man, I miss mine so much. That's Danny, by the way. It was supposed Danny's 10th birthday this year but I haven't been able to turn it on since last year I actually. 

Honestly, I do miss the days when I can just turn off the phone and listen to music all day while sketching in the studio; trying to sketch is more likely.

Stand out and fit in. Don't lose yourself along the way. You do you and don't let anybody else tells you any different.

Like LINKIN PARK, ONE OK ROCK is another band that I want to grow old with. Well, BTS too for that matter. God, I hope BTS still makes sense when I'm 50. Is that too much to ask? The way RM, Suga and J-Hope make their music is surely going to bring them even further. Are you excited for their comeback?

Signing out!

5 comments on "Throwback Thursday | RIP iPod Classic"
  1. Lama tak layan lagu linkin park.. BTS tu layan juga.. best2 lagu diorang..
    Ipod tu dah lama menjadi idaman tapi tak pernah berjaya beli.. hehehe..

  2. lama dah x layan lagu camtu. hehe

  3. Quite nostalgic eh. I don't own an iPod Classic, but I know the feeling.

    By the way, saya orang baru di sini. Salam kenal.

  4. "God, I hope BTS still makes sense when I'm 50." - hahaha why I can relate this so much? because I'm an ARMY too! muahahaha.

    well, I hope so. because their passion are very overflowing and I love it!

  5. zaman sekolah dulu biasa selalu guna huhuhu