Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throwback Thursday | A Cup of Matcha With...

I know lots of people bond over so many different things like books, cars, drinks and for me, it's a cup of matcha. I know some of you might say, not coffee? Well, it's not that I haven't tried going out with some people and bond over cups of coffee but maybe because there are so many reasons why I love matcha; the fact that I always fancy traditional Japanese culture like tea ceremony, flower arrangements even kendo! 

I once picked up a tip from Korean actress that she drinks hibiscus teas to avoid her face being puffy or bloating in the morning but hibiscus tea is a bit hard to get for me compared to Japanese green tea but of course I'd like to indulge myself in it sometime. Maybe a quick trip to Chinese herbal store down at the Gaya Street during the weekend perhaps.

... but this is a throwback post! Almost forgot! So yeah, the above is one of the firsts green tea latte that I had at October Coffee and if I remember well, it was at the Latitud 6 branch. The thing is, everything was pleasant about that cup of latte except that it reminds me of someone that I haven't seen for over a year and actually quite disappointed that the person messed up so much that I had no choice other than to cut ties as friends. 

I haven't been to the cafe since then although I feel a year over would have sufficed to somewhat neutralise the location so I can go and have another cup of the delicious green tea latte at that cafe. Maybe in October?

2 comments on "Throwback Thursday | A Cup of Matcha With... "
  1. I make it a point to drink a cup of coffee every morning!

  2. Sha suka nescafe.. Boleh membangkitkan semangat dan melenakan tidur.. hehehe..
    Matcha nie seskali okaylah..