Monday, January 14, 2019

Motivation Monday | Don't Take It to Your Heart

If you saw my Instagram Stories today then you're already knew that I'm back in the hospital; taking care of my unwell nephew.

Just to give a little bit insight on this 7 year-old kid, he's grumpy the second he wakes up in the morning which is exactly like me which is totally driving me crazy but of course, he's a kid for God's sake! As much as I want to stay within reason, I sometimes feel like what in the world did I do to deserve such treatment given by blood relative? I know some people would think that this is such a small matter but seriously, I honestly can't take his hot-and-cold personality; one second we're laughing about some cartoon and the next we're at each other's throat, getting angry about some stuffs. Sigh.

As someone who is exactly 24 years older than him, it's given I have to surrender to this kid but surrender doesn't exist in my dictionary. hah! okay! Just kidding. Of course, I ended up being bullied by him and got bossed around doing chores. Oh, well. 

Am I depressed? What do you think?

Have you guys been through the same thing? I really do want to have some sort of solution. Like how on earth do I communicate with this kid? He's as stubborn as my brother i.e. his dad and sulks at every little things like my sister-in-law. Yep, these are all firstborns indeed. T___T

Dear God, give me strength!

3 comments on "Motivation Monday | Don't Take It to Your Heart"
  1. hurm, bertabahlah .. budak budak kan ...

  2. semoga anak sedara cepat sembuh..

  3. stay cool but you have the right to be mad sometimes. only if things get worse or the kids become rude. if not then sabarlah sbb budak kan. hihi.