Wednesday, January 2, 2019

App Review | Sushi King Malaysia Member

When it comes to Sushi King, I know lots of you out there are having mixed opinions on this chain sushi restaurant but I personally being neutral i.e. not too cheap, not too expensive, stores are nice, staffs are okay, music selections can be improved, well... you get the gist. On my previous blog and Instagram, I've posted several times on my dining experience at the restaurant and dining on the first week of every year is like a ritual to me.

So yesterday, Sushi King announced that starting yesterday, they're offering their new smartphone application and it's available for free (find it on App Store or Google Play) so if you guys interested, they're giving away free Smile Points throughout this month! Just be the first 50,000 to download and register. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Introducing Smile Points!
  • Smile Points will replace Complimentary Vouchers as rewards for Sushi King Members.
  • For every RM1 spent, you'll get 1 Smile Point
  • Every 20 smile Points is equal to a RM1 Reward
  • Smile Points expire every 12 months

  • Earn Smile Points with each visit
  • Get Double Smile Points on Member's Day
  • Enjoy Sushi King Promotions
  • Receive Birthday Rewards consisting 200 Smile Points and a cake!*
  • Get Surprise Rewards throughout the year
  • Win trip to Japan with the Travel with Smiles Reward*

*Refer T&C. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Personal thoughts |
I definitely prefer this year's membership benefits compared to last year's whereby every RM spent is entitled to membership point this year. 

E.g. Spend RM50, get 50 Smile Points. Reward can be redeemed at this point is RM2 (20 Smile Points for RM1) with the balance 10 Smile Points remaining in the system until your next visit.

Unlike last year's benefits: Spend RM29.90, get RM2 voucher as you need to spend full RM10 at every increment in order to get RM1 voucher. 


Of course, even though I'm a little bit sad as my collection of Sushi King Membership Cards has now comes to an end; I went on downloading the apps and registered on one and signing in on the other. I know, I'm sick of carrying both phones too but I still want to separate my phones; work and blogging/social media/entertainment, etc... 

iOS app on iPhone 7Plus

Android on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As you can see, there's no difference when it comes to user interfaces on both versions of the app and overall experiences were smooth and easy.

Now you can access their current promotions on the Promotions tab; Chinese New Year and Spring Promotions are already up and happening at the stores so do check that out.

If you go to the Find Us tab, I'd say the list of stores are already updated as I've literally been to every branch here in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan.

The app is still new so I'd say it's still early to give rating so I'm gonna visit the nearest Sushi King first to see how this app performs. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on the new membership benefits and do tell me where is your favourite Japanese food or cuisine spot in your area by leaving comments down below.

I guess that's all for now and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

10 comments on "App Review | Sushi King Malaysia Member "
  1. Baru tahu yang Sushi King dah ada app sendiri.

    1. myra pun tak tau.. sampai kena sepak ngan colleague ngan flyer Sushi King sbb excited sgt! LOL

  2. Tak pernah tahu sebelum ni pasal app sushi king ni.. Husniey follow sini ya


    1. salam Husniey~ myra pun siyes tak tau sblm ni hehe thank you~ dah follow back!

  3. samalah. hari tu nak review kad sushi king, dia kata sekarang dah pakai apps je. love SK!

    1. kann? sedih gak sbb dah xde physical card. collect since 2012 kot

  4. Its a good start for SK in 2019!

    1. feeling good indeed! used to wanna smack the head of the brand IT person who've made their point system for 2018. dulu belanja rm29.90 dapat RM2 je in voucher. meh