Saturday, October 13, 2018


I’ve been blogging on Blogger for almost 10 years; Friendster and Wordpress prior 2008 and it’s the first time for me to actually meet a fellow blogger who have the same passion as mine as we blog about pretty much similar things (such a plus that the person is also BTS’s ARMY too!) and our short 2 hours meet up was filled with things like what we want to focus on for contents, laying out rough ideas about how do we translate our blog contents into much simpler, summary-like Instagram posts and some important things like where do we stand on paid reviews and buying social media followers. Also, how do we convey negative reviews without pressing too much on the matter or our personal preference.

I have to admit that this is rather refreshing as throughout my whole blogging journey, I’ve never discuss about the related topics and issues with other people in real life and solely focus on creating contents on my own and post whenever wherever I can. It’s kind of nice to know some new ways to approach certain topics like deciding on whether to review products individually or coming up with summary of grouped similar items which in my case, sheet masks. 

When I came back after the meet up, I feel so much better as I’ve been stuck with having the idea to continue the way things already are on my Instagram feed (I haven’t posted for 2 weeks) but now I want to do some other things first before deciding on that. At this point, let’s just hope for the best and I’m praying hard that I’ll be out of this hiatus as soon as possible. 

Peace out!
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