Sunday, October 21, 2018



For the past 2 years and a half, all I know is work-home-blogging-social media and little things in between. Ignoring my relationship with my parents as they're too occupied with their own careers and overseas travel, a younger sibling who only care so much about his cars, motorcycles, friends and cat. Our family cat. I don't blame any of them and all I want especially for the past 6 months is how we keep things in order so our laundry schedules won't clash, separate TV times, etc.

Then few months ago, all of these so-called balanced lives that we have was erupted by a certain human being with strings attached to all of us hence began a new routine; work and attending to the human with social media endeavors in between. Oh, let's not forget the part where I suffer uncomfortable nights due to sleeping arrangements, cold temperature and incessant cries at night. 

Coming home during the weekend was excruciatingly awful with dirty dishes at the sink, mountains of dirty clothes, dusts all over the living area, dining table filled with paperwork, emptied shower cream bottles and unfinished takeouts crammed to the walls of the fridge. Frustration and exhaustion took over my mind and body, driving me to the edge of sanity. 

But all they see is a calmed and composed character braving into the uncertainty as I attend the reluctant human being who always brags about his attentive, sympathetic, other side of family. Fake happy stories are being preferred compared to real complaints on keeping my job and place in order, well-being and declination of my social media engagement; one of my source of income as a blogger.

What do I do? Why am I here? Who do I turn to? When can I be free? Where can I go? How can I leave?

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    1. Indeed. These past 2 weeks I’ve been treating myself so much as everything went well with my nephew. Alhamdulillah