Monday, October 25, 2021

Figure Unboxing | Banpresto Q Posket Demon Slayer Petit Vol. 4 Shinobu Kocho


At the beginning of collecting BANPRESTO Q Posket figure for Demon Slayer anime, I didn't know there's the regular-sized ones with their sepia colour versions and then there's the Petit; miniature-sized figure standing for about 70mm. Knowing myself, of course I had to collect them all but I gotta say that there's absolute zero regret! . Now, the fourth volume released includes 3 figures with this Shinobu Kocho; the insect pillar. She once said, "Yes, I'm angry, Tanjiro. I've always been angry. My parents were killed. My older sister was killed. And all my Tsuguko except Kanao were killed. If demons hadn't murdered those girls' families, they'd be living happily with them right now. It really makes me furious!" Knowing that the character is such an airhead, it's kinda hard to listen to these words but yeah.

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