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Figurine | Banpresto Demon Slayer FIGURE Guardians of the Night - Sixth Form

For this week's figure, I want to talk about another Kamado Tanjirou's figure that I've gotten solely to complete the figure line that I'm collecting from the anime. I have got to say that this figure is quite redundant to the collection as it's rather similar to the first figure. Thing is, I remember Tanjirou merely in his Demon Slayer Corps uniform can only be seen in episode 22 and 23 of the first season but he wasn't carrying his sword while being held in front of the Pillars and Lord Ubuyashiki. 

Now, this figurine is the indeed the sixth one from Demon Slayer Figure - Guardians of the Night (鬼滅の刃フィギュアー絆ノ装 Kimetsu no Yaiba Figua - Kizuna no Sou) figurine line designed by Banpresto Co. Ltd. (toy company that has merged with Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. since 2019) that I bought from a local Shopee seller.

But first off, let's go the packaging!

After extensive search through several online shopping platforms, I've finally managed to find this figurine on Shopee although I had to make a lot of comparisons to the photos posted on to those provided by the Shopee seller but I'm confident that this figure is indeed authentic so it was a huge relief as I've found several numbers of fakes and counterfeits also sold on the very same platform albeit in ridiculously cheaper price.

I've noticed that the front elevation of the figurine being printed on both smaller sides of the box with the right side featuring the A version or the Sepia Colour version of the previous release of figurines; Giyu Tomioka Fifth Form in Sepia Colour version was featured along side the Sixth Form of this figurine line which is the B version in normal colour as shown above.

At the back of the box, there's the front elevation of the figurine being printed again along with the manufacturer address at the lower area. There's the manufacturing date printed at the bottom side of the box which is December, 2019 and so far, I haven't seen any rerelease version unlike other figurines from the line.

At the top side of the box, there's the official anime logo with the figurine's name printed on it. There's also the indicator (white box) that this figurine is for Sales Outside Japan Only. According to a Shopee seller, an authentic figure always comes in a box and there's serial number stamped on the inner side of of the top (sometimes bottom) lid of the box so definitely check yours before cutting open the plastic cover.

Now, the figurine came with an inner packaging that supposedly hold the unassembled figurine inside so even when the outer box get smashed into half of its size, not to worry as the figurine should be safe for you to unbox. Well, I'd sure hope so as I've already gotten one figurine with torn outer box at this point and it's still in perfect condition although the Shopee seller sure got a long review with multiple photos and a video.

Of course, the figurine came in unassembled parts as shown above sealed in clear plastics; usually in 3 to 6 parts depending on the design but for this Sixth Form, there's the black oval base, the body and then the head. This took me less than a minute to assemble. 

The figurine has the most basic pose; standing up with clenching fists so that show some determination of the character while looking straight. Although I've got to say, his Demon Slayer Corps uniform was painted rather nicely compared to the First Form paint job. 

Side elevations of the figurine. The uniform appears similar to a Gakuran uniform, consisting of a buttoned shirt with a white framed collar and shirt pocket on top of the left breast. It also consists of long, baggy hakama pants strapped by a white buckled belt that can be optionally tucked in with any kind of Kyahan that extends into tabi socks. Source.

Back elevation of the figurine. The word "Destroyer" in Japanese is printed at the back of the uniform.

You can see Tanjirou wearing only the uniform on the cover of the original second volume manga and official English translation comic by Viz Media alongside Kibutsuji Muzan in suit. 

At this point, I still think this sixth form is definitely a redundant to the figure line but what can I tell you guys other than I just had to get it because of how much of a big fan I am to Tanjirou. I mean, don't you guys want a big brother like him?

So I guess that's all from me! I've been busy with rearranging my figurines and making space for them on my apartment's divider. What about you guys? What shows you are enjoying right now so definitely tell me by leaving comments down below.

Disclaimer | Figurine is bought and shipped to my door with my own money. My opinions expressed here don't represent any party and I'm not responsible for any misinformation as I'm just sharing them as it is but feel free to let let me know if you want to add or correct anything here. Sharing is caring!

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