Friday, January 1, 2021

Funko Pop! Friday | My Hero Academia #247 Izuku Midoriya

Hey, guys! Happy New Year! With that, I've started a new segment where I'll be reviewing Pop Vinyl Figurines from Funko Pop! I've been wanting to start collecting figures since forever but I feel like there are so many things have gotten in the way especially not having space for it. Today, I want to share with you guys about the first Funko Pop! from My Hero Academia animation the very first wave supposedly came out back in 2017 and it's featuring Deku's character in his first hero costume!

First off, let's see the packaging that Deku came in. Just to let you guys know, I got this Funko Pop! from official Malaysian distributor, Sheldonet via their official website so I'm so glad to receive it in mint condition.

Notice the round hologram MediaLink sticker? It's proof of authentication so all is good! I noticed some Pop!s that I've gotten are without any sticker so that's kind of worrisome although the packaging looks legit and the figure looks great so I guess that'll do.

There's the whole set of Pop!s printed at the back so yes, I gotta collect them all as I definitely can't resist it!

Look at Deku peeping with half of his face like that! 

There's that distributor sticker at the bottom of the box so indeed this came directly from Sheldonet.

There's also Deku's head printed at the bottom side of the box with half of it got folded inwards.

I love that all figures came with plastic holder (sorry, I don't know what it's called) like that so the figure floats safely in the box without the need for it to be wrapped in plastic seals and bubble wrappers. Although when it comes to Funko Pop! there's no such thing as Mint in Sealed Box term unless they're one of those store exclusives that came in big outer box with another merchandise like T-shirt so yes, there's going to be plastic wrapper around it. 

Now, let's see some close-ups for the figure!

The above are the elevations of the figure. I actually do love Deku first hero costume especially when his red boots are still visible like that.

The copyright information are embossed at the bottom of his feet that confirms this figure came out back in 2017 and Made in Vietnam.

Update on August 21st 2021, I'm currently using Gotcha Pops to protect my Pop!s so I'll check back with you guys at the end of the year and see whether the colour of the box fades or not. 

This Funko Pop! is indeed the very first one that came out for My Hero Academia anime and so far, I only have the three figures above with Deku in his first hero costume. 

So what do you guys think? Would you have Funko Pop! as part of your figure collection? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below and I guess I'll be seeing you guys in my next segment post same time next week. Stay home and safely!

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