Monday, February 18, 2019

Motivational Monday | There's So Much More Indeed

Although the first time I've heard this quote is from Transformers. I know, I'm quoting Optimus Prime. Granted that the franchise is my all-time favourite movie franchise but to me, there's so much sentimental value to the movies; especially the second one as it was the last movie that I've watched with my brother; just the two of us before we had a fall out back in 2008 and of course we've made up to each other but he's married now with 2 kids, the older one is having the war of his 7-years-life with me when it comes to Netflix.

So, let's go back to the quote. These days, I feel like I'm quick to judge people by their appearances. Their clothes, their gadgets, their vocabularies, the way they express themselves, etc probably because it's my line of work but I feel like I want to just rush into closing deals and somehow forgot that there are people who put 'second layer' to human characters to a higher priority in choosing the people they want to indulge, doing business with , etc. Well, at some point you can just fake all these things; as if there's a shield in front of you for people to judge you, be it a social media account, a car, a smartphone; anything that you can project all the things you want people to perceive, a worldly thing that just says it all about you. Sure, that probably work in a short amount of time and you're lucky if you could close the deal within that time frame but how about a much more important things like relationship between family members, married couples even colleagues?

How do you move from "we're just living together temporarily" or "we're on casual date" or "I'm going to work here for merely 6 months tops" to a much more permanent I'd say, stage of relationship? Like you used to be friends merely on social media and all of a sudden you moved to being friends in real life?

I know lots of you would say, why not being genuine right from the start? Of course, I'm all for that but what would you do if you didn't?

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  1. While I was reading this blog entry of yours, I remember what I wrote a year ago in my Law of Attraction journal. I was exactly on the same dilemma as you have, and I agree with you when you said, why not be genuine right from the start? However though, we need to put in some white lies in order not to offend people. Unfortunately, not all people can handle genuine constructive criticism.