Wednesday, March 11, 2020

About 3 Months of Waiting and 8 Days of Shipping

... from USA to Kota Kinabalu, finally the first book of Cassandra Clare's The Last Hour series has arrived to my doorstep! Thanks, Amazon!

I'm all nervous and already reread The Infernal Devices trilogy to prep myself for this sequel (as confirmed, a trilogy as well) and my gosh, I'm so excited to read Will and Tessa's Fairy Tale of London!

I'd like to apologise for lack of updates in here as with Covid-19, I haven't gotten out much and have been sitting around in my room, updating my skincare and sheet mask inventory; yes, I do have several spreadsheets for that and I've finished counting last night. The rough total is close to 1000 sheet masks! :D

I guess that's all for now and do stay tuned for more very soon! Until next time, take care!

7 comments on "About 3 Months of Waiting and 8 Days of Shipping"
  1. Wow 3 bulan! xx Lamanya. Dari US phewwww. Macam best je cerita ni :) Take care sepanjang covid 19 ni :)

  2. uishh lamanya menunggu tapi bila dapat buku memang rasa berbaloi..hehe ♕Tiara Sapphire♕

  3. Tebal betul buku tu.. cover dia cantik..

  4. Naik kapal.lait kitb3 bulan tu.. 1000pcs? Wow

  5. cantiknya cover buku ni.. sayang nak pegang. haha

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