Sunday, March 17, 2024

Log | Rearranged My IKEA Billy Bookcase


It's Sunday and I just woke up figured I want to rearrange my bookshelf after putting it off my list of chores after so long and especially when bunch of manga just arrived yesterday.

I've been wanting to get another bookcase but I'm really out of space in my hobby room so for now I'm going to try maximise the little space that I have in my existing shelves. I've already packed all my Funko Pop!s and Gunpla kits into moving boxes as I'm planning to send all of them to my parents house soon. Dad promised to renovate his old office into a mini studio for me but mum wants me to have her home office instead as she already planned to turn dad's old office into her personal storage for cooking utensils. I'll update you guys on that later.

I've cleaned the area and then rearranged the shelves so I can have similar heights for all the tiers on the bookcase.

I've figured I could reuse the protector boxes that I've got from Sheldonet Malaysia to raise the manga placed at the back but I don't really have lots of them so I guess I'm going to use slightly broken plastic protectors as well.

After placing all my Kodansha's Attack on Titan manga, I've noticed that I can raise the manga a little bit higher when I turned the box to its other side instead. 

It's really nice to see the titles popped out like that instead of removing the front volumes back and forth whenever I want to read the ones at back. Plus it's easier to check for the latest volumes of unfinished series whenever I want to preorder the next ones. After removing some of the boxed figures off the shelves, I even gained a whole empty tier at the bottom which is great news as I'm planning to get Gundam the Origin manga which are published in hardbacks and there are 12 volumes so I'd be sure to put them at the bottom shelf as I imagined their quite heavy.

Overall, I'm loving this arrangement for now but I seriously need to back order another of this Billy Bookcase from local IKEA reseller but I'm going to need to rearrange the hobby room again for that. Also, to all fellow toy figure collectors out there, do you guys know that IKEA discontinued their Detolf shelf? I currently have 3 and was hoping to get another but now I don't know where to get a new one or I guess I'll just have to look for a used ones instead.

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