Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Movie | Demon Slayer : Mugen Train


To be honest, I was quite disheartened when this movie wasn't available here in East Malaysia during first week of the screening BUT my heart leapt in joy when I get to personally watch it not once, not twice but thrice; the last one being just now at GSC Suria Sabah Shopping Mall beginning 10th March 2021.

If you guys are following the Demon Slayer anime then this movie is directly in continuation of the first season currently available on Netflix Malaysia. If you're like me who are also hooked on the manga released by VIZ Media (original English translation available for purchase on Kinokuniya webstore) then this movie covers the 7th and almost 90% of the 8th volume or as I called it, Kyoujuro volume.

The movie lasted almost 2 hours that filled with joy, humors but mostly tears as I get to see some scenes that aren't exactly following the manga. ufotable truly has done a wonderful job highlighting some action scenes and rendered some of the major manga frames beautifully, setting my heart ablaze the first time seeing it. Ah~I cannot wait for another 3 months before the Blu-Ray release date and  rewatch this movie for another nth time. 

Fans in KL are truly lucky as they get to redeem the movie poster from Kinokuniya KLCC Store with any purchase from the manga collection. Of course, I just had to ask my BFF to buy the original Japanese manga published by SHUEISHA and redeem one for myself although God knows when I'm going to be able to travel to KL again this year.

Did you guys got the chance to watch this movie? Tell me what's your all-time favourite anime in the comment box down below and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

2 comments on "Movie | Demon Slayer : Mugen Train"
  1. Pergh!! Sampai 3 kali tengok.. Macam menarik filemnya..

  2. and now the studio turned this into a 7-episode series. awesome!