Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happening | Domino’s Family Carnival at Riverson The Walk

Finally, one of my favourite pizza place back when I was living in the Twin Tower City arrived here in Kota Kinabalu! I’ve been indulging their pizzas a lot for the past month from their T1, Bundusan and recently opened Inanam, (Taipan) branch. My favourite pizza would be Sambal Surf & Turf and Chicken Perfection. I'll post about that in the upcoming post but for now, let me tell you about this upcoming event that's happening tomorrow! 

The event starts at 2p.m. and ends at 10p.m. so do drop by to see what's happening  tomorrow as there will be exciting activities for all walks of life! I'd be sure to be looking forward to their Pizza making demonstration as seriously, where are we going to get to see that here in KK? I've seen videos on YouTube where they actually manage to prep and cook the pizza within seconds so I''m excited to see that myself!

So the above entails on the activities for tomorrow's event so make sure you're coming for the fun of it! So I guess that's all for now, I'll see you guys on my next post! 

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