Sunday, June 6, 2021

Log | Rurouni Kenshin : The Final Is Coming to Netflix!


Oh my God! I was scrolling down the Coming Soon section on my Netflix app and the first thing that popped was this Rurouni Kenshin The Final movie which is the fourth installment of the franchise! I don't know if you know this about me but I'm obsessed with the franchise since 2012 thanks to my best friend. 

To me, the whole franchise is the best live-action adaptation from Japanese manga and I'm so elated that Netflix picked up the final 2 movies; I think (and pray) the final instalment too seeing that this one is a Netflix movie. 

While I'm not a fan of the mangaka due to a moral reason, I'm also not a fan of the anime because the 90s vibe doesn't match my taste and I honestly don't think it's going to survive this millennium but when it comes to the live-action movies, Sato Takeru has done brilliant job playing Himura Kenshin and I've become a bigger fan after seeing footages of some behind-the-scene showing how he's done a lot of his own stunts.

Anyway, I just want to say that I'm so excited to watch this movie and it has been a while since I'm this excited! I'm so thankful that it's coming to Netflix and I don't have to wait till we all can go and watch in cinema - man, Demon Slayer Mugen Train was such a treat after almost 2 years since I last stepped into my local Golden Screen Cinemas. 

What about you guys? What's your latest binge on streaming platforms? Definitely let me know by leaving comments down below. 

P.S.: My original Banpresto Q Posket Rurouni Kenshin for Himura Kenshin, Yukishiro Enishi and Saito Hajime are here! 

I guess that's all of it and I'm going to blast ONE OK ROCK's Renegades along with their latest song Broken Heart of Gold so I'll see you guys on my next post! 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Log | Resetting My Blog List

After more than a year, I haven't been doing much blogwalking so I've decided to host a segment for this beginning next month so definitely stay tuned for that!

Stay safe and stay home!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tips Tuesday | Organising My Hijab


When I first moved into my current apartment, the first thing I want to get organised the soonest is my whole collection of Hijab. I've tried many methods while I was living in rental places and finally settled with these organisations. 

For my shawls, I've resorted to fold then hang each and every of it with a small plastic hanger. Believe me, I've been doing my best to keep my Hijab collection within the fixed number of hangers and will sell or give away any of these whenever I want to buy a new one; effective way to curb my shopaholic brain 🙈


I got these hangers from (5 years ago) but surely you girls can find them on Shopee these days.

For my ironless daily shawls, I'd prefer to fold and arrange them nicely like that in rectangular basket as shown above. I got like several of this from Daiso and simply stack them together.

Definitely share with me if your style of organisations by leaving comments down below. Enjoy the rest of your week ahead!
Monday, May 24, 2021

Music Monday | "Gurenge" (紅蓮華, Red Lotus)


Announced on JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) on May 19 that Japanese singer LiSA's 15th single song "Gurenge" (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime OP) won the Gold Award of the 39th JASRAC Awards which means the song was the most profitable Japanese song of 2020.

LiSA, who also wrote the lyrics of this song, says, "I am very honored that this song has been loved for so long. I received the passionate love of many people involved from the original manga to the TV anime, and I searched for the words for this song while facing the 'strength' in my own heart. I hope that our story and theirs will continue to bloom strongly and proudly, like a lotus flower blooming beautifully on the surface of the water, transcending any kind of days. "

Source: Crunchyroll

I personally have played this song like thousand times on Spotify so yes, definitely song of the year.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Favourite Friday | Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt


As I've been swamped with work for the past couple months, my cravings towards sweet things are almost uncontrollable therefore I've been frequenting llao llao for froyo treats a lot.

I would always go with nuts and cookie crumbles as toppings but for the sauce, I'm so loving coconut sauce these days! So yummy as it balances the sourness of the yogurt and the added crunchiness of the nuts that I've mixed in.

Do you like frozen yogurt? Or you'd prefer the regular ones? Tell me by leaving comments down below and have a lovely weekend ahead!