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Sabah Job & Entrepreneur Fair 2018 at Kompleks Sukan, Kota Kinabalu

Last weekend, I attended a job and entrepreneur fair here in Kota Kinabalu; not that I'm currently looking for a job opportunity as I've mentioned in my previous post, I was much more interested to take part in one of the programs on the first day; a talk entitled "Entrepreneurs Among Millennial". The speakers were among local entrepreneurs that I've taken great interest in lately, seeing how passionate they are in their field of interests through their social media respectively. Still, I'll be sharing about my whole personal experience of attending the 2-day event so let's get started!

FIRST DAY (24 NOV 2018)

Launch gimmick during the Opening Ceremony. Photo by : Ikhwan bin Ensip

At the centre, YB Datuk Mohd Azis bin Haji Jamman, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs cum Ketua Wira Parti Warisan Sabah as the Organiser Chairman. In his speech, he emphasised that he is putting his utmost effort in realising the State Government's intent in minimising unemployment rate and increasing the numbers of skilled graduates especially among local Sabahan by organising this event.

Several programs were scheduled to fill the first day and I've managed to attend numbers of them.


Photo by : Ikhwan bin Ensip

"Creating a Professional Resume through LinkedIn" was the first workshop given by Lorna Timbah. Helpful tips advices are always welcomed especially in these days and age where most companies are very well-updated with their LinkedIn profiles hence it will be great for you guys to start building up your own LinkedIn profiles; adding past and/or current employees and connect to other people from similar field of expertise.

Photo by : Ikhwan bin Ensip

The event was also graced by local beauty pageant Unduk Ngadau 2018's winner, Hosiani James Jaimis also known as Keewon. There were sessions of Meet & Greet and Lucky Draws sponsored by Nando's, Adabi and Moma Water.

Photo by : Ikhwan bin Ensip

"Entrepreneurial Mindset" talk by Fariz Abd. Rani; founder of Persatuan Berkerusi Roda Kota Kinabalu who was chosen among several others to carry the torch relay during last year's 29th Southeast Asian Games which was a first for Malaysian OKU (to my definition is Orang Kelainan Upaya) person. He had truly inspired people from all walks of life and proved that physical disabilities aren't supposed to stop you from going for your dreams alike.

The final slot of the day is indeed the most anticipated program that I've mentioned above; Entrepreneurs Among Millennial.

The talk was very much inspiring especially to young, budding entrepreneurs as the speakers were sharing part of their entrepreneurship journeys respectively.  According to Ekram Mahat @ekrammahat "We need to have clear vision of what we want (to sell, build business on) it's important to have backup plans while steadily improve our methods; set your goals, not giving up when the things are tough and keep on working hard.".

On that note, Jeremy @jerryzac added, "regardless whether you succeed or not in whatever you do, the most important thing that would take you further would be to just try". His respond to typical mindset of people who are afraid of failure; worrying whether they can get back to their feet after facing failures, "Keep trying, keep putting in your efforts; no matter how big or small your dream or idea, you wouldn't know if you didn't try. Just start somewhere.".

Focusing on social media platforms and entertainment industry in general, Jason Jonathan Omar @emceejason who also agreed with the notions stated by other speakers added, "It's also important to keep yourself aware of your skills; improving your talent by keeping on working harder in order for others (potential clients) to notice your capabilities which essentially making your talent marketable."

As for the fourth speaker, Zain Zulkarnain @zenmzzi, I remember he talked about his challenges on being a millennial entrepreneur as he was making his way as dropshipper when he was just 14. What?

In conclusion, I think it's safe to say that being an entrepreneur is not all about high profits as different people come with different values hence it is really depends on the person's ideal on how successful an entrepreneur is. For me, I totally have high respect for Liah Yoo; beauty YouTuber turned business owner who are always being transparent about Krave Beauty, her beauty company.

SECOND DAY (25 NOV 2018)

As for the second day, I merely had an hour or so to attend the event so I chose to come to the Closing Ceremony.

The ceremony was officiated by YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Mohd Shafie Bin Haji Apdal, Chief Minister of Sabah.

For your information, pre-registration for this event has been opened prior the event itself and it was well-received by the public as there were lots of individuals coming from different age and academic background had made themselves registered via online on the official website at Job seekers were given their own unique numbers and QR codes respectively so employers are able to download their resume and information therefore the system is absolutely convenient and time-saving hence reducing paper consumption i.e saving the environment.

Laptops were provided at the form-filling counter for visitors convenience.

Overall, Sabah Job & Entrepreneur Fair 2018 can be deemed successful due to involvement and support from various companies and state government agencies as exhibitors and sponsors. More than 60 companies physically took part in this fair by becoming part of exhibitors with also more than 150 companies have successfully registered as employer also via online on the official website.

Now, let's go to the gallery of photos that I've taken during this 2-day event.

Entrance of the fair venue.

Exhibitors located outside the venue.

Local entrepreneurs supported by state government agency, SEDIA.

Lucky Draw sponsors.


More exhibitors.


Visitors engaging with exhibitors.

So if you've missed the event then not to worry as I've heard that the leading members of Parti Warisan Sabah being the organiser of this fair are planning to organise another round of this event; if not similar for next year so do keep yourself updated via Sabah Job Fair social media (links below). I guess that's all of it and I'll be seeing you guys on my next post!

Sabah Job Fair 
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P.S.: Thank you so much to @talentshopco for sending the Blogger Invitations for me and fellow bloggers alike! I've learned so much from the programs throughout the event as they were truly insightful.  


Not forgetting, Hyeon from! It was indeed a lot of fun as we attended this event together so here's to more in the future!

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aisshhh~ Now that I think of it, I was kind of disappointed as we didn't get to go to the succulent cafe!

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  1. Good read! 🤓 Thanks for mentioning! Let's find a time to visit the cafe before this year ends!

  2. bagus juga program macam least buka mata graduan-graduan kita, tak semestinya tunggu cari kerja yg dah memang sedia ada,boleh juga menceburkan diri dalam perniagaan macam ikon-ikon yang di pilih bagi talk kat event ni..

    1. kan? daripada kat umah tggu peluang kerja datang bergolek~

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